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Title: You Only Live Twice
Author: Ian Fleming
ISBN: 978-0-19-546296-8
Genre: Adventure, crime and detective stories
Level: Level 4

Getting along with others
Cultures of the world
Social issues

M is worried. One of his best agents is becoming unreliable. He is drinking too much, spending too much¡Xeven making mistakes that put the lives of other agents in danger. M is afraid that he will have to dismiss him, but he decides to give Agent 007 one last chance.
So James Bond is sent to Japan on an impossible mission. In return for a new code-breaking machine, Bond must go into the Castle of Death and kill the mad genius within. But what is this strange place? Who is its owner?
In this exciting adventure, Bond, helped by the beautiful Kissy Suzuki, enters the most dangerous garden on earth, and comes face to face with two of his deadliest enemies.

Ian Fleming was a journalist who worked for British intelligence during World War Two. After this, he began to write his extremely popular James Bond spy stories. An entire series of successful films has been based upon them. Another story by Fleming, From Russia , with Love, is also available in this series

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