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Level 5

The Diamond As Big As The Ritz & Other Stories

John Unger's friend, Percy, says his family is the richest family in the world. When John is invited to Percy's home, he discovers that his friend is telling the truth. However, he soon discovers that there is a dark side to this life of great wealth.

In other tales, a man tries to escape his past and get his daughter back, but his plans are spoiled by friends from his drinking days. A girl who teaches her cousin to be 'popular' with boys discovers that her pupil has stolen her young man, and so she takes her revenge.

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Jonathan Harker, a young solicitor, goes to see Count Dracula in his castle in Transylvania. He discovers that the Count is a vampireˇXa terrible Un-Dead creature who lives on human blood. And now the Count is going to London ...

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Dragon Seed

How could Ling Tan, a simple Chinese farmer who paid little attention to the world outside his own valley, be prepared for what was about to happen? He thinks only of his land and his large family, and with them, he is content. His life changes suddenly and cruelly when the armed forces of the East Ocean enemy attack.

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On the way to the North Pole, Robert Walton meets Victor Frankenstein, a scientist who seems exhausted and near death. 'Let me tell you my tale,' says Frankenstein.
There follows the extraordinary story of how Frankenstein discovered how to make a giant man from parts of dead bodies. However, the man turned against him, and became a monster ...

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David is a prisoner on a ship going to America. Then the famous Jacobite, Alan Breck Stewart, comes on board, and the ship's crew plan to murder him. Together, Alan and David escape to the west coast of Scotland. Here, David begins his long and dangerous journey home.

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Lorna Doone

Lorna Doone, a beautiful girl with soft white skin, grows up amongst a group of outlaws in the wild marshes of Exmoor in England. Her only friends are her faithful maid and her grandfather, Sir Ensor Doone. Sir Ensor is the leader of the outlaws and Lorna loves and fears him equally. John Ridd, a brave and honest young man, is determined to avenge the death of his father. His father was murdered by the outlaws.

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The Mayor of Casterbridge

Michael Henchard is a wealthy corn merchant, and Mayor of Casterbridge. One day a young woman named Elizabeth-Jane comes to his office with a letter from her mother, Susan.Susan was once his wife, but twenty years ago, when he was drunk, they quarrelled. He sold her and their little daughter, Elizabeth-Jane, to a sailor. Is this girl really Henchard's daughter? And how can he put right the wrong he did her mother, so many years before?

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The Old Wives' Tale

Constance and Sophia are the two beautiful daughters of a draper. When she grows up, Constance marries the manager of her father's shop and works in the family business. Sophia, on the other hand, elopes to Paris with the dangerous Gerald Scales.

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Pride and Prejudice

Mrs Bennet desperately wants to find husbands for her five daughters. When two rich young men visit their village, everything seems to be going to plan. Mr Bingley is friendly and charming. But Mr Darcy seems to think he is too good for his new neighbours. Mrs Bennet does not give up her search, but there are problems of family and fortune, love and moneyˇXand even a scandalˇXon the way.

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The Stalled Ox and Other Stories

What would you do if a large ox got into your garden? A lady who dies and comes back as an animal; a man whose holiday is disturbed by witches; another man who finds a werewolf in his woods ... These are all part of Saki's strange and hilarious stories, set against the background of British upper-class life.

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Three Men in a Boat

Three young menˇXGeorge, Harris and JˇXand Montmorency (the dog) set off on a boating holiday up the River Thames. Their plan is to row, or tow, their boat from London to Oxford and back. All kinds of funny things happen as they travel from place to place.

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Vanity Fair

Rebecca Sharp, although charming and witty, is not born into the nobility of England. But she is determined that she will become part of it before she dies.Her best friend, Amelia Sedley, has a sweet and gentle nature. Her only ambition is to be married to a handsome army officer called George Osborne. However, Rebecca flirts with George even when he is married to Amelia.

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Wuthering Heights

Late one evening, Mr Earnshaw returns to his moorland home, Wuthering Heights, with a wild, dirty, black-haired boy, who he has found starving on the streets of Liverpool.
The boy, Heathcliff, grows up with the two Earnshaw children: Hindley, who hates him, and Catherine, who becomes his wild childhood playmate, and the love of his life. However, Heathcliff is treated as a servant by Hindley, so Catherine marries the rich, gentle Edgar Linton instead. Years later, Heathcliff returns, looking for revenge.

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