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Title: Kidnapped
Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
ISBN: 978-0-195854-73-2
Genre: Adventure, Classics
Level: 5

Getting along with others
Cultures of the world
Teenage life
Social issues

One morning, David Balfour locks up his home in the Lowlands of Scotland, and goes to find the mysterious House of Shaws. Soon, however, his dreams of a wonderful future are shattered.

Within a week, David is a prisoner on a ship going to America. Then the famous Jacobite, Alan Breck Stewart, comes on board, and the ship's crew plan to murder him. Together, Alan and David escape to the west coast of Scotland. Here, David begins his long and dangerous journey home, through a country torn apart by hatred between the King's men and the proud Highlanders. His story is a classic tale of adventure and friendship.

Robert Louis Stevenson was born in Scotland over one hundred years ago. He studied to be a lawyer, but later became a great writer. His books Treasure Island and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Other Stories are also available as Oxford Progressive English Readers.

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