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Title: David Copperfield
Author: Charles Dickens
ISBN: 0 19 597140 X
Genre: Classics, Romance
Level: 3

Getting along with others
Cultures of the world
Teenage life
Home and neighbourhood
Social issues

Young David Copperfield's life starts to go wrong when his mother marries the cruel Mr Murdstone. David is sent to school, where the headmaster, Mr Creakle, hits him whenever he can. Poor David is only happy when he is visiting the strange boat-house home of his nurse, Peggotty, and her family. When he runs away from school to find his aunt Betsy Trotwood, however, things begin to get better.

Find out what happens to David as he grows up, and how the friends - and enemies - of his unhappy childhood affect his fortunes in later life.

Charles Dickens was a very popular writer who lived in England in the time of Queen Victoria. Many of his stories are about children, and the hard lives of poor people in those days. David Copperfield was Dicken's own favourite story.

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