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What is the difference between Oxford Reading Tree and Oxford Story Tree?

Oxford Reading Tree is the most popular reading scheme in the UK. With over 800 books, it includes Biff, Chip and Kipper Stories, Songbirds, Traditional Tales, inFact and much more. Oxford Story Tree is a local adaptation of selected fiction from Oxford Reading Tree. Most of them are from the famous series Biff, Chip and Kipper Stories.

The storylines in Oxford Story Tree are kept the same as their original stories. Some minor text adjustments are made so that they better fit the local English language curriculum and children’s learning progress. In Levels 1-3, the present tense and simpler language is used to suit young ESL and EFL learners’ needs.

What is the difference between Oxford Story Tree (Core Stories) and Oxford Story Tree (More Stories)?

Oxford Story Tree (More Stories) Levels 1-7 is an added collection of stories to Oxford Story Tree (Core Stories). Children may enjoy more fun stories about Biff, Chip, Kipper, Floppy and have more exciting adventures with them. For Core Stories, a Workbook and an audio CD per level are available.

Is Oxford Story Tree compatible with Oxford Reading Pen?

All the Oxford Story Tree Levels 1-3 stories are compatible with Oxford Reading Pen. Oxford Story Tree Levels 4-7 stories do not come with a reading pen but an audio CD for each level of Core Stories.

Can I use other reading pen with Oxford Story Tree?

No, the Oxford Story Tree storybooks (Levels 1-3) are ONLY compatible with Oxford Reading Pen. Click here to get one and start learning with Oxford Reading Pen!

How many levels are there in Oxford Story Tree? How many storybooks are there in each level?

There are 7 levels in Oxford Story Tree.
Number of storybooks:
Level 1: 16 (More Stories: 10; Core Stories: 6)
Level 2: 18 (More Stories: 10; Core Stories: 8)
Level 3: 18 (More Stories: 10; Core Stories: 8)
Level 4: 16 (More Stories: 10; Core Stories: 6)
Level 5: 16 (More Stories: 10; Core Stories: 6)
Level 6: 16 (More Stories: 10; Core Stories: 6)
Level 7: 16 (More Stories: 10; Core Stories: 6)

If my children finish all Oxford Story Tree readers, which Oxford Level are they at? And what is the next recommended reader series?

Oxford Levels offer a detailed graded progression of how children’s reading skills develop. The levels run from 1 to 20. When children finish all the Oxford Story Tree readers, they will be at around Oxford Level 11. Children can continue their reading journey with other levelled readers like Oxford Reading Tree Story Sparks, Oxford Reading Tree inFact, Treetops inFact, Oxford Read and Discover and Oxford Read and Imagine.

How does each Oxford Story Tree level match with local school level?

While we believe in ability-driven reading, a general framework is designed as follows:
Level 1: K1
Level 2: K2
Level 3: K3
Level 4: Primary 1–3
Level 5: Primary 2–4
Level 6: Primary 3–5
Level 7: Primary 4–6

For Levels 4–7, it is suggested that children read More Stories before Core Stories.

What Oxford Story Tree packs are available in the local market?

There are now 5 packs available in the local market.

  • Value Pack (for Levels 1-3/Levels 4-7)
  • Core Stories with CD & Workbook (for each level)
  • Core Stories (for each level)
  • More Stories (for each level)
  • Core & More Stories (for each level)
Why are some Oxford Story Tree packs sold at very low prices?

Usually, some unauthorized retailers can sell Oxford Story Tree packs at very low prices because their packs are counterfeit goods, parallel goods or second-handed goods. If customers obtain Oxford Story Tree from retailers that are not listed in our authorized retailer list, we cannot offer you the assurances of authenticity and quality. Also, your warranty will not be honoured.

Where can I buy Oxford Story Tree packs?
Can I buy individual Oxford Story Tree storybooks?

No, individual Oxford Story Tree storybooks are not available in the local market.

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