Kipper likes to play with Biff, Chip and Floppy. His real name is Christopher, but when he was learning to talk he couldn’t say Christopher. Dad decided that the name Kipper suited him so everyone calls him Kipper.
Floppy is a big soppy dog. He loves playing with a stick or ball and running all over the place. He loves to dig holes or to go for a swim in the pond. He often ends up covered in mud.
Biff and Chip are twins. Biff likes playing football and going swimming. She is always ready to join in with games and likes making things.
Chip and Biff are twins. Chip enjoys cycling, sports and drawing.
Mum likes playing sports and taking Floppy for long walks. She is very good at DIY and can fix almost anything!
Dad likes playing games and trying to trick Biff, Chip and Kipper. He always tries to help, but things don’t always turn out as he intends.