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SS Geog (2nd Ed.): The 2016 HKDSE exam analysis has been uploaded.
SS Geog Fieldwork and Assessment Practice: Guest visitors are welcome to visit the website during the promotion period between April and July 2016.
Junior Geog/SS Geog (2nd Ed.): Information and worksheets for the 2016 Field Trip have been uploaded.
SS Geog (2nd Ed.): The Question bank application for Windows and the eField trip of Wan Chai are newly added.
Junior Geog: New questions for the Question bank (Parts 1 to 11) and map-reading exercises have been uploaded.
SS Geog (2nd Ed.): The tables of amendments have been updated.
SS Geog (2nd Ed.): The following items have been newly added.
‧2015 mock exam papers
‧Answers to Revision Exercises (2nd Edition) Book 3
‧Question bank for Parts 9, 10 and 11
‧Geofact files for Parts 1, 4, 5 and 7
SS Geog (2nd Ed.): The answers to Revision Exercises (2nd Edition) Books 1 and 2 have been uploaded.
Junior Geog: The Geofact files for Parts 2, 4, 6 and 7 are newly added.
SS Geog (2nd Ed.): The 2015 HKDSE exam analysis, lesson worksheets for Parts 10 and 11, part tests and the answers for Assessment for Learning for Parts 9 to 11 have been uploaded.
SS Geog (2nd Ed.): The lesson worksheets for Part 9, question bank for Part 7 and PowerPoint for Parts 10 and 11 are now available.
SS Geog (2nd Ed.): The extra DRQs 2015 for the mock exam papers, question bank for Parts 3 and 6 and teaching plan for Part 10 have been uploaded.
SS Geog (2nd Ed.): Question Bank for Parts 1 and 8, PowerPoint for Part 9, teaching plans for Parts 9 and 11 and some new multimedia resources for Part 11 are added.
SS Geog: The brand new 2014 mock exam papers are available.
SS Geog (2nd Ed.): Question Bank for Part 5 and video footages for Part 8 are newly added.
SS Geog (2nd Ed.): Lessons worksheets for Parts 3 and 5, and Part tests for Parts 3 and 6 have been uploaded.
SS Geog (2nd Ed.): Lesson worksheets for Geographical skills, and Parts 6 and 7 are now available.
SS Geog (2nd Ed.): A new bunch of resources have been uploaded to the Teaching Resource Centre. Check out the new PowerPoint, lesson worksheets and part tests now.
SS Geog: The 2014 HKDSE Geography exam analysis is now available in the Teaching Resource Centre.
Junior Geog/SS Geog: The worksheets for Field Trip 2014 have been uploaded to the Teaching Resource Centre.
SS Geog: Four extra data/skill-based questions (as a supplement to the mock exam papers) have been uploaded to the Teaching Resource Centre.
SS Geog (2nd Ed.): A new animation about Part 1 on ‘why the plates move’ is available.
SS Geog: The answers for Revision Exercises (Enhanced Edition 2013) and the list of HKDSE questions have been uploaded to the Teaching Resource Centre.
The brand new Senior Secondary Exploring Geography (Second Edition) product site is ready. Check out the new PowerPoint, lesson worksheets, question bank, part tests and multimedia resources in the new site now!