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  1A   1B
  Unit 1  You and me   Unit 5  Don’t give up!
  Unit 2  New schools, old schools   Unit 6  Change
  Unit 3  A true friend   Unit 7  Watch your diet!
  Unit 4  Hong Kong flavours   Unit 8  Festivals
  2A   2B
  Unit 1  Smart buying and selling   Unit 5  Living with Lizzie
  Unit 2  The shoe shiners   Unit 6  Super parents, super kids
  Unit 3  Clean up!   Unit 7  Mysteries
  Unit 4  The bus fanatic   Unit 8  Say ‘No’ to drugs
  3A   3B
  Unit 1  City of dreams   Unit 5  In the spotlight
  Unit 2  Be respectful!   Unit 6  People who changed the world
  Unit 3  Entertainment   Unit 7  Law and order
  Unit 4  Explore New Zealand   Unit 8  Money talk

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