For Teachers
For Students

Teacher's Books
include lesson plans and convenient overprinted answers
provides notes and ideas for project work
Continuous Assessment Packs
include graded reading, vocabulary and grammar worksheets that come in 3 different levels of difficulty
provide comprehensive task support
Audio CDs
contain recordings of all the reading texts and listening tasks in the Student's Books
are electronic versions of the Teacher's Books
contain recordings and karaoke readings of main texts, explanations of vocabulary and grammar and additional teaching resources, e.g. video clips and graded vocabulary and grammar worksheets
include interactive, rich media to arouse student interest

Question Banks

provide categorized, editable questions to help with preparation of practice papers and test papers
contain a question wizard with powerful search tools
offer tools to facilitate checking and marking
Online materials
comprehensive supporting teaching materials available online
intuitively organized for easy access
Supplementary series
Success in Grammar Books (Teacher's Edition)
  include a wide variety of structured exercises with useful tips
  cover essential grammar items
  reinforces learning with both traditional exercises and contextualized tasks
  provide overprinted notes and answers
Success in Listening and Integrated Skills Books (Teacher's Edition)
  teach a range of listening subskills and speaking strategies necessary for both the TSA and HKDSE exam
  provide overprinted notes and answers
Junior Thematic Anthology
  includes interesting thematic reading passages that give broad exposure to topics
  includes extensive coverage of thematic vocabulary and grammar items in context to help prepare students for the HKDSE exam
  provides overprinted notes and answers


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