For Teachers
For Students

Student's Books
provide students with opportunities to talk about things that are interesting and relevant to their lives
introduce and develop language items systematically
provide step-by-step guidance, frameworks and models
help prepare students for the TSA with question types and tasks modelled on the TSA format
Vocabulary and Writing Books
teach target vocabulary and writing skills through structured reading texts
contain a variety of clear, context-based tasks
give step-by-step support allowing the student to create their own texts
cover thematic vocabulary, provide clear example sentences, sample text type templates and useful writing tips
Audio CDs
contain recordings of all the reading texts and listening tasks in the Student's Books
are electronic versions of the Student's Books
contain recordings and karaoke readings of main texts, explanations of vocabulary and grammar and additional resources
include interactive, rich media to arouse student interest
help students revise and learn independently with additional resources and practices

Online learning materials

help assess students in all four language skills through easy-to-use mini-tests
allow students to manage their own assessment and track their progress
provide fun ways to revise and reinforce key learning areas
Supplementary resources
Success in Grammar Books
  contain a wide variety of structured and contextualised exercises and offer grammar explanations to further illustrate the grammar points
Success in Listening and Integrated Skills Books
  teach a range of listening subskills
  include speaking strategies and lots of model conversations to develop students' speaking skills
Junior Thematic Anthology
  provides broad exposure to NSS relevant topics presented in interesting thematic reading passages
  includes extensive coverage of thematic vocabulary and grammar items in context to help prepare for the new HKDSE exam


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