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Title: The Woman in White
Author: Wilkie Collins
ISBN: 978-0-195854-67-1
Genre: Adventure, Classics, Mystery, Romance, Science fiction and fantasy
Level: 4

Getting along with others
Cultures of the world
Wonderful things

Walter Hartright meets a mysterious woman dressed completely in white, who curiously knows the family he is going to work for as a drawing teacher. She tells him of her fear of an evil Baronet.

Walter soon discovers that the mysterious woman looks very like the woman he has fallen in love with, the beautiful Laura Fairlie. However, Walter's love for Laura is doomed, because she is already engaged to be married - to a Baronet.

Why is the woman in white so concerned about Laura Fairlie, and why do they look so similar? As the truth begins to emerge, the great wickedness and extraordinary cunning of the Baronet threatens Laura's life. Can Walter help her before it is too late?

Wilkie Collins lived in England over a hundred years ago, and is famous for his unusual mystery stories. The Moonstone is also available as an Oxford Progressive English Reader.

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