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Title: The War of the Worlds
Author: H. G. Wells
ISBN: 978-0-195854-66-4
Genre: Adventure, Classics, Science fiction and fantasy
Level: 4

Cultures of the world
Wonderful things

The world has suddenly changed. The small towns and villages of southern England are lying burned and ruined. The grass on the commons, and the trees in the woods have been blackened by fire. There are no people to be seen.

A man is hiding in a coal cellar in a ruined house. He is terrified to make a sound, for in the next room he can hear something moving. It is a snake-like metal tentacle; part of a machine brought to earth by creatures from Mars. In the machine there is a Martian, and the Martian is looking for him. The door opens, and the Martian's tentacle comes into the room ...

This is the story of the strange and terrible things that happened to ordinary people when the Martians went to war against the Earth.

H.G. Wells was a very popular British writer who lived and worked at the beginning of the twentieth century. Many of his most exciting stories were about scientific discoveries, and about what he thought would happen in the future.

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