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Title: Vanity Fair
Author: William Thackeray
ISBN: 978-0-195863-18-5
Genre: Adventure, Classics, Romance
Level: 5

Getting along with others
Cultures of the world
Teenage life

Rebecca Sharp, although charming and witty, is not born into the nobility of England. But she is determined that she will become part of it before she dies.

Her best friend, Amelia Sedley, has a sweet and gentle nature. Her only ambition is to be married to a handsome army officer called George Osborne. However, Rebecca flirts with George even when he is married to Amelia.

Will the friendship of these two girls last? What does Rebecca's husband do when he finds his wife alone with a rich lord? Read this amusing story to find out.

William Thackeray wrote stories of noble society in England almost two hundred years ago. Vanity Fair is his most famous book.

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