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Title: Gulliver's Travels X A Voyage to Lilliput
Author: Jonathan Swift
ISBN: 0 19 597136 1
Genre: Adventure, Classics, Science fiction and fantasy
Level: 2
Module: Getting along with others
Cultures of the world
Home and neighbourhood
Wonderful things
Nature and environment

Gulliver's ship is lost in a storm, and he has to swim to save his life. After many hours, he reaches land. He lies down on the shore, and falls asleep.

When he wakes up, he can't get up. He is tied to the ground. His hair is tied down too, so he can't move his head. He feels something walking along his body. There, standing on his chest, is a man. He is no more than six inches tall!

This is how Gulliver begins his life in Lilliput X a country where everything is one tenth of its normal size. To the people who live there, Gulliver looks like a dangerous giant, but the Emperor bravely decides to speak to him.

Jonathan Swift lived in Ireland and England about three hundred years ago. He became famous for his political writing. Gulliver's Travels began as an entertaining political story, but it became very popular as a tale for young people.

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