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Title: The Talking Tree and Other Stories
Author: David McRobbie
ISBN: 978-0-19-545544-1
Genre: Adventure, Short stories
Level: 2

Getting along with others
Teenage life
Study, school life and work
Rights and responsibilities
Cultures of the world
Home and neighbourhood

Two boys, walking through a forest, suddenly hear a voice coming from a tree. The Talking Tree tells them to bring it food and drink. Later, they notice some marks on the ground, close to the tree. They begin to think the tree might not be magic after all. Perhaps someone they know is trying to trick them!

In other tales, a forgetful young man makes a mistake, and as a result, a bank robber is caught; a young princess asks for the impossible, and learns a lesson; and two girls go looking for a ghost, and find a treasure hunter.

There are plenty of surprises in this unusual collection of short stories.

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