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Title: Silas Marner
Genre: Adventure, Classics, Short stories
Level: 3

Getting along with others
Cultures of the world
Nature and environment

The people of Raveloe are very curious when a lonely weaver, Silas Marner, comes to live in their village. He works hard to earn gold, but this seems to be all he cares about.

Then, one winter, everything changes. Silas's gold is stolen, and Squire Cass's younger son disappears. Then a stranger dies in the snow and a golden-haired girl appears in Silas's cottage.

Silas adopts the baby girl, and his life is changed forever. But what will happen when, years later, Godfrey Cass comes to tell Silas a dark secret from the past?

George Eliot, whose real name was Mary Ann Evans, wrote famous stories about English people living in the country in the time of Queen Victoria, over a hundred years ago. Silas Marner was one of Eliot's best-loved stories.

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