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Title: Robinson Crusoe
Author: Daniel Defoe
ISBN: 0 19 597141 8
Genre: Adventure, Classics
Level: 3
Module: Getting along with others
Cultures of the world
Home and neighbourhood
Nature and environment

When Robinson Crusoe's ship is wrecked, he swims to a desert island. At first he is afraid that he might be eaten by wild animals. He knows that some people in that part of the world are cannibals, and they might eat him too!

Soon, Crusoe realizes that he is all alone. He brings as much as he can from the wrecked ship, and over his long years on the island, he learns how to make himself safe and comfortable.

Daniel Defoe lived in London about three hundred years ago, and was one of the first ever novelists. His story of Crusoe's life on a desert island is one of the best-known stories in English Literature.

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