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Title: Peter Pan
Author: Katherine Mattock
ISBN: 978-0-195457-51-3
Genre: Adventure, Classics, Short stories
Level: starter

Getting along with others
Cultures of the world
Teenage life
Home and neighbourhood
Wonderful things

Peter Pan is an exciting adventure story, with pirates, Red Indians, and a hungry crocodile. It is also a fairy story, with magic in it. The strange boy Peter can fly. He can talk to the fairy Tinker Bell.

It is a happy story. Peter takes the three Darling children to a magical island: the Never Land. Here they can do what they want. They can play all day. They can sail and hunt.

But the story is sad, too. The Darling children leave their parents. Their mother and father are very unhappy. Should the children stay in the Never Land with Peter Pan? Or should they go home to their parents? Will they forget about the Never Land? Will they grow up and, like all grown-ups, stop believing in fairies?

J. M. Barrie was born in Scotland in 1860. He wrote the play Peter Pan, or the Boy Who Wouldnˇ¦t Grow Up in 1904. In 1911, it became a book. For more than one hundred years, children all over the world have enjoyed the story of Peter Pan.

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