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Title: The Lost Umbrella of Kim Chu
Author: Eleanor Estes
ISBN: 978-0-19-545539-7
Genre: Mystery
Level: 1

Getting along with others
Teenage life
Study,school life and work
Rights and responsibilities
Cultures of the world
Home and neighbourhood

Kim Chu lives with her family in Chinatown, New York. One rainy day, Kim loses her father's prize umbrella. Her grandmother is so angry that poor Kim can't go home until she finds it.

This is the start of Kim's big adventure. The search for the lost umbrella takes her far away from Chinatown, and soon she is riding on the Staten Island ferry. There she meets her best friend, Mae Lee, and also a laughing lady and an important gentleman. But the important gentleman is holding an umbrella, just like Kim's father's. Are these adults as nice as they seem, or are they both umbrella thieves? And is Kim Chu brave enough to get her father's umbrella back?

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