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Title: In the Land of the Gods
Author: Magnus Norberg
ISBN: 978-0-19-545745-2
Genre: Classics
Level: Starter
Module: Getting along with others
Cultures of the world
Wonderful things

The land of the gods is a magical place. It is a place called Asgard. It is the home of the Viking gods.
The Vikings lived in Scandinavia a long time ago. They are gone now. But their gods are not. They can live for ever.
Leif and Liv are two Scandinavian children. One stormy day, they meet two strange men. The men are good storytellers. They know many exciting stories about the gods.
They tell Leif and Liv about Thor and his magic hammer. Thor is the god of thunder.
They tell them about Odin, the father of the gods. They tell them about beautiful Freya, the goddess of love; about brave Tyr, the god of war; about kind Balder, the sun god.
But in the land of the gods, not all things are friendly. There are also giants, like the naughty Loki. There is an enormous snake. There is a huge monster wolf. There is a man-eating dog with four eyes.

What happens in these stories? And what will happen to Leif and Liv? Read on and find out.

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