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Title: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Author: Mark Twain
ISBN: 978-0-195462-43-2
Genre: Adventure, Classics
Level: 3

Getting along with others
Cultures of the world

Teenage life
Home and neighbourhood
Nature and environment

'You don't know about me unless you've read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer - but that doesn't matter. My name's Huckleberry Finn ...'

Huck is only fourteen when he escapes from his bad-tempered and no-good father. Soon he reaches Jackson's Island, and finds himself sharing the island with Jim, a runaway slave. Together they put all their things on a raft and set off on what becomes a great adventure down the Mississippi River.

Will Huck be caught by his father? Will Jim ever be a slave again? Read on to enjoy the exciting and amusing story of Huck Finn and his friends.

Mark Twain grew up in Missouri, USA, by the great Mississippi River, over a hundred years ago. Later he told many stories about the life of young people there. Two other of his best-selling stories are available as Oxford Progressive English Readers: The Prince and the Pauper in Grade 2 and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer in Grade 3.

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