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Title: Gulliver's Travels X Further Voyages
Author: Jonathan Swift
ISBN: 978-0-195462-44-9
Genre: Adventure, Classics, Science fiction and fantasy
Level: 3
Module: Getting along with others
Cultures of the world
Wonderful things

Gulliver is abandoned in a land of giants. His life is not always easy. Once he is mistaken for a baby monkey and a female monkey tries to feed him! His next voyage is even stranger: he visits an island that floats in the sky.

Horses rule the land that Gulliver travels to in his final voyage. They are very wise and noble, and they change Gulliver's life for ever.

Read about Gulliver's last voyages and all the amazing adventures he has.

Jonathan Swift lived in Ireland and England about three hundred years ago. He became famous for his political writing. Gulliver's Travels began as an entertaining political story, but it became very popular as a tale for young people.

The story of Gulliver's first voyage is available as an Oxford Progressive English Reader: Gulliver's Travels - A Voyage to Lilliput in Grade 2.

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