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Title: The Canterville Ghost and Other Stories
Author: Oscar Wilde
ISBN: 0 19 597145 0
Genre: Classics, Short stories
Level: 3
Module: Getting along with others
Cultures of the world
Teenage life
Wonderful things
Social issues

The poor old Canterville Ghost does not know what to do. His work is to frighten people, but the Americans who have just moved into Canterville Chase are not frightened by anything he does to them. Things get even worse when the young twins start to play tricks on him.

The Canterville Ghost is three hundred years old. He is very tired, but he cannot rest. He would like to stop frightening people and go to sleep for ever more in the Garden of Death, but he cannot open the door. As he wonders if anyone will help him, Virginia, the beautiful daughter of the family, comes to talk to him.

In this and six other short stories, love and selfishness meet in different ways. The results are sometimes sad and sometimes funny, but always interesting.

This book includes The Canterville Ghost, The Happy Prince, The Star-child, The Model Millionaire, The Nightingale and the Rose and The Devoted Friend.

Oscar Wilde was born in Ireland in 1854. As a young man, he went to live and work in London as a writer. He became very famous for his plays and short stories.

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