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David Foulds
Syllabus Designer,
Series Editor and Reteller

David was born in London. Soon afterwards his family moved to Marlow, a small town beside the River Thames. Marlow has literary connections: it is where Mary Shelley finished writing her scary story about Dr Frankenstein and his monster (Level 5: Frankenstein), and where Montmorency, the dog in Three Men in a Boat (Level 5) had a spectacular fight with the town cat. Leaving school at 16, David worked as a bank clerk for a while, did two years of military service (compulsory in those days) and then, after training, became a secondary school teacher (History and English). In 1967 he moved to Hong Kong. He came for two years but liked the place so much that he stayed for another thirty. He has now returned to England, and lives in one of the smaller villages on the Norfolk coast, where he spends his leisure time, he says, 'enjoying the delights of nature, especially when the north wind is blowing!'

Books by this author
  The Ant and the Grasshopper, Starter
The Golden Goose and Other Stories, Level 1
Tales from the Arabian Nights, Level 1 (Edited by)
The Wizard of Oz, Level 1
The Flying Heads and Other Strange Stories, Level 2 (Edited by)
The Golden Touch and Other Stories, Level 2 (Edited by)
A Midsummer Night's Dream and Other Stories from Shakespeare's Plays, Level 2 (Edited by)
Nicholas Nickleby, Level 2
Tales of King Arthur, Level 2
The Merchant of Venice and Other Stories from Shakespeare's Plays, Level 3 (Edited by)
The Pickwick Papers, Level 3
Tales of Crime and Detection, Level 3 (Edited by)
Mansfield Park, Level 4
Othello and Other Stories from Shakespeare's Plays, Level 4 (Edited by)
The Thirty-nine Steps, Level 4
Three Men in a Boat, Level 5
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