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Title: The Diamond As Big As The Ritz & Other Stories
Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald
ISBN: 978-0-195852-05-9
Genre: Adventure, Short stories
Level: 5

Getting along with others
Cultures of the world
Teenage life
Wonderful things

How rich is it possible to be? John Unger's friend, Percy, says his family is the richest family in the world. They have their own private diamond mine! When John is invited to Percy's home, he discovers that his friend is telling the truth. For a while John lives in greater luxury than he ever thought possible. However, he soon discovers that there is a dark side to this life of great wealth.

In other tales, a man tries to escape his past and get his daughter back, but his plans are spoiled by friends from his drinking days. A girl who teaches her cousin to be 'popular' with boys discovers that her pupil has stolen her young man, and so she takes her revenge.

In these short stories, F. Scott Fitzgerald shows himself to be a good-humoured and accurate observer of the attitudes of his times.

F. Scott Fitzgerald was an American author who lived in the first half of the twentieth century. He is most famous for his stories about the life-styles of wealthy Americans during the 'Jazz Age' of the 1920s.

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