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Title: The Call of the Wild and Other Stories
Author: Jack London
ISBN: 978-0-19-545537-3
Genre: Adventure, Classics, Short stories
Level: 1

Getting along with others
Cultures of the world
Nature and environment

In the North it is so cold in winter that everything is covered with ice and snow. The rivers are frozen. If you want to travel, you must use a sledge pulled by dogs. If you walk around in the cold, you must take great care to keep warm and dry. Getting your feet wet can mean that you will die.

Why do people want to go to the North? There is gold there. Some people want to find gold and become rich. Other people want to trade with the gold miners. Some understand the North, and live well. Others do silly, dangerous things, and they die.

These short stories are about some of the people and animals who lived and worked in the North. You will read about a Californian dog who became a wolf, a man who thought he would become rich by selling eggs, another man who had to build a fire to stay alive - and much more.

Jack London was an American who spent much of his life living and working in wild places. In the 1890s he went to Canada and Alaska to look for gold, and wrote many stories about his life there.

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