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Title: The Brave Little Tailor and Other Stories by the Brothers Grimm
Author: retold by Katherine Mattock
ISBN: 0 19 597150 7
Genre: Classics, Fairy tales, Short stories
Level: Starter
Module: Getting along with others
Cultures of the world
Teenage life
Home and neighbourhood
Wonderful things

A clever tailor has an adventure. A fisherman catches a talking fish. Magic beans save a girl's life.

These stories will take you to a time long, long ago and a place far, far away. Visit palaces, towers and dark forests. Meet kings and queens, enormous giants, evil witches and magical animals.

The stories in this book were first collected in 1812. They are known and enjoyed by people all over the world.

This book includes The Brave Little Tailor, The Fisherman and His Wife, Rapunzel, The Robber Bridegroom and Tom Thumb.

Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm were brothers. They were born in Germany in the 1780s. While they were at university, they became interested in old stories. They asked people to tell them stories and wrote them down. By 1812 they had collected more than two hundred stories. These stories have been retold in many books, plays and films.

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