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Title: Two Boxes of Gold and Other Stories
Author: Charles Dickens
ISBN: 978-0-19-545551-9
Genre: Adventure, Classics, Crime and detective stories, Horror and suspense, Mystery, Short stories
Level: 3
Module: Getting along with others
Rights and responsibilities
Cultures of the world
Wonderful things
Social issues

A young man who works for a bank is taking two boxes of gold from London to Italy. But on the way, everything begins to go wrong. His travelling companions seem friendly, but are they all trying to help him, or is one of them trying to steal the gold?

In another story, a man meets a railway signalman who has been frightened by a ghost. Whenever he has seen it, there has been a terrible accident on the railway. Now the ghost has appeared again, shouting a warning. What does it mean, and what is going to happen?

Read these and five other stories by Charles Dickens. Some are amusing, some strange and frightening - all are full of surprises.

Charles Dickens was a very popular writer who lived in England in the time of Queen Victoria. He was famous for his short stories as well as for his novels.

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