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Title: Jane Eyre
Author: Charlotte Bront
ISBN: 978-0-19-545535-9
Genre: Classics, Romance
Level: 1

Getting along with others
Teenage life
Study,school life and work
Rights and responsibilities
Cultures of the world
Social issues

Jane Eyre does not have an easy life. Her mother and father die when she is just a small child. She goes to live with her aunt and three cousins, but they treat her cruelly. Then she is sent away to a boarding school at Lowood.

Life at Lowood is hard, but Jane soon learns to overcome her difficulties, and does well. Later, when she grows up, she becomes a teacher at Lowood.

Then Jane moves to Thornfield Hall to work as a private teacher. The master there is a dark, mysterious man - Mr Rochester. He falls in love with Jane, and they plan to get married. But in Thornfield Hall there is a sad, dark secret that will soon have a terrible effect on the lives of both Jane and Mr Rochester ...

Charlotte Bront was one of three very talented sisters who lived quietly in the north of England about 150 years ago. All three sisters became famous as writers.

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