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  1A   1B
  Unit 1  Get to know me   Unit 5  Wonderful people
  Unit 2  Dream school   Unit 6  Lending an ear
  Unit 3  Sweet friends   Unit 7  Rainbow eating
  Unit 4  Cooking fun   Unit 8  Let’s celebrate!
  2A   2B
  Unit 1  Smart shopping   Unit 5  Amazing wildlife
  Unit 2  Trendsetters   Unit 6  Home sweet home
  Unit 3  Greening your life   Unit 7  Believe it or not
  Unit 4  Getting around Hong Kong   Unit 8  Anti-drug campaign
  3A   3B
  Unit 1  A trip to Macau   Unit 5  Showtime
  Unit 2  Let’s help!   Unit 6  On top of the world
  Unit 3  The dream factory   Unit 7  A murder mystery
  Unit 4  Flying fun   Unit 8  Money smart
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