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The eight volumes of the series cover all modules of the NSS Elective curriculum. Each volume is uniquely designed to feature a specific Elective module.

This project-based series provides exciting exposure to different aspects of English language learning through the Elective modules. It is also designed to prepare students for the Speaking component of the School-based Assessment (SBA) and Part B of the HKDSE Paper 2 exam.

  • Detailed coverage of one Elective module in each volume
  • Clear teaching objectives
  • Structured module introduction
  • Fun and engaging activities
  • Useful tips about the genres
  • Mind maps and other genre feature diagrams
  • Contextualized skill-related tasks
  • A wide variety of worksheets, role cards and templates
  • Interesting and creative projects
  • Useful vocabulary and formulaic expressions relevant to each Elective module
  • Self- and peer assessment
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